High Efficiency Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacements Project

High Efficiency Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacements Project

Join us to hear the results of the cohort research projects that our Sustainable Schools team conducted in 2022! On December 8, we presented best practice guidance for design, equipment selection, commissioning and controls of rooftop unit replacements based on our examination of post-retrofit performance of recent projects at 10 schools across Ontario.

Rooftop units (RTUs) are the most prevalent form of HVAC units in Ontario’s K-12 schools. Current general practice is to replace end-of-life equipment with the same or an equivalent type of equipment which, while more efficient than older technology, does not take advantage of more efficient alternatives. Continuing addition of air conditioning in schools is expected to primarily consist of RTUs and must be done as efficiently as possible to avoid excessive utility costs and strain on the electrical system. As well as equipment selection, design details, commissioning practices and BAS programming can have a substantial effect on the efficiency of RTU installations.

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Watch the webinar recording here: High Efficiency Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacements Research Project

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